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Benefit Communication Insourcing is a joint trademark between Lockton Companies, LLC. and Health and Benefit Systems, Inc.  As partners, we provide 'insourced' communication services to our clients using a unique funding model that cannot be matched by any existing competitor.  As defined by Thomas Friedman in The World is Flat, insourcing "is a new form of creating value horizontally" by delegating operations (such as the one-on-one communication of company benefits) to an entity that specializes in that service.

Unlike other benefit enrollment firms, our emphasis is on the development of long-term relationships with our clients to support their HR initiatives by serving as insourced Benefit Communication Specialists. This allows our client's HR representatives to pursue more strategic priorities while we focus on enhancing benefit communications.

Benefit Communication Insourcing is one of the nation's leading benefit communication firms. The company is privately owned and based in Overland Park, Kansas. We currently serve employers throughout the U.S. and provide customized benefit communication and administrative services to over 410,000 individual employees.

Benefit Communication Insourcing Core Values:

  • Exceptional Service – Clients and partners of BCInsourcing will find our willingness to consistently go above and beyond the fundamental requirements of our roles to be unprecedented and surprising in the employee benefits industry.

  • Unrelenting Pursuit of Win-Win Solutions – BCInsourcing is committed to ensuring that all parties will achieve a worthwhile and productive result for their participation in the relationship.

  • Individual and Corporate Integrity – Each employee in our corporation will operate under the principles of honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability.

  • Professionalism – Employees will be well-qualified for the positions they hold and will demonstrate competence in fulfilling their roles in the organization.  Each employee will share in the responsibility of protecting the favorable reputation for BCInsourcing, our Partners, and Clients.

  • Innovation – BCInsourcing will be known for its commitment to applying creative and critical thinking in seeking original solutions to unusual or traditional problems.

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